What's New in 2021 ??

Drawing Detailing Mode Improvements.png

Drawing Detailing Mode Improvements


  • Improved performance of Detailing Mode to speed up drawing creation even more
  • Improvements in ability to add hole callouts, edit existing dimensions and annotations, and add Detail, Break and Crop views
Assembly Modeling Enhancements.png

Assembly Modeling Enhancements

  • Interference-detection reports exported with images to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet
  • Option to automatically resolve lightweight components upon expanding Feature Tree node
  • Chain pattern along path to use curve length, not chord length
Improved Assembly Simplification.png

Improved Assembly Simplification


  • Defeatured models saved as Configuration
  • Ease of toggling between full and simplified versions
  • Operation mimics any other configuration
Performance Improvements.png

Performance Improvements

  • Improved performance for occlusion culling, silhouette edges and drawings; quick configuration switches
  • Significant performance improvements in Open, Save and Close of assemblies
  • Detection and reporting of circular references
  • Adding files to SOLIDWORKS PDM vault is significantly faster
More Flexibility for Part Design.png

More Flexibility for Part Design

  • Redo available for over 60 features and commands in parts
  • Sheet metal for edge flanges on non-planar tangent edges. Complex flanges can be flattened
  • Ability to add and evaluate equations in file properties and cut list properties
  • Part-level materials transferable when you insert or mirror part, derived component part, or mirrored component part
User Experience Delighters.png

User Experience Delighters

  • Color picker tool to pick color for appearances from external application
  • Customize dialog box for searching for commands on Shortcut bars and Command tabs
  • System option shows translated feature names in FeatureManager® design tree
More Robust Simulation.png

More Robust Simulation

  • Mesh diagnostics identify, isolate and prompt to fix poor quality elements
  • Faster and more robust meshing due to improvements in bonding accuracy
  • Improved convergence through contact stabilization
Improved Electrical Routing.png

Improved Electrical Routing

  • Multiple wires/cables can pass through and be arranged through clip
  • Wires joined using splice component or spliced without component
  • Support for end terminations in Connector Tables, Interconnects and Accessories Library
Streamlined Data Management.png

Streamlined Data Management

  • More consistent Windows® Explorer integration, better thumbnail support
  • Great flexibility in controlling custom column sets
  • Reduced risk of mistakes and improved efficiency with support for BOM settings
  • Icon selection available for workflow states; transitions improved to help determine status of files quickly
Connected Design-to-Manufacturing Ecosystem in the Cloud.png

Design-to-Manufacturing Cloud Connection 

  • Derived Formats Converter enables creation of derived outputs for broader consumption and exact geometry for use in downstream design, simulation and manufacturing applications
  • Support for multiple sheets and markups on drawings, improved drawings quality
  • Managing Open Modes offers similar options to SOLIDWORKS when opening data from 3DEXPERIENCE® platform
  • Ability to control configurations to save in 3DEXPERIENCE platform