About SOPAN Group

The success of SOPAN Group can be encapsulated in three words “Vision, Dedication & Good future”.

As with most beginnings, it was started with a vision to “Deliver more than Promised”. The dedication to fulfil this vision was provided by the founder of SOPAN group, Mrs. Neha Mahek Mistry.

SOPAN Group is in the domains of Education, Mechanical Software Sales and Engineering Services.

Group Companies

  • SOPAN Institute of Engineering & Design

    SOPAN GROUP was founded with SOPAN Institute of Engineering & Design (SIED) in 2010. Since the time of inception SIED has an aim to improve the level of computer education in our society. We are also an engineering solutions provider. We can work closely with our students even after the training is complete to ensure that they benefit from the product or service taken from us. We build confident, mutual trust and comfort with our students which enables quick results.

    More Detail

  • SOPAN Infotech

    SOPAN Infotech is an Authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR) for SolidWorks 3D CAD Software Solution and ESPRIT CAM System in Gujarat region. Founded in the year 2012 with a vision to “Deliver more than promised”. We also provide engineering solutions ( CAD / CAM / CAE / Prototyping / Product Presentation / Corporate Training etc. ) for all industry verticals and strongly follow our core values like quality, team work, time values & relationships as they are the backbone of our strength.

Why SOPAN Infotech

SOPAN Infotech  always works as an “One Stop Solution Provider”.

Our portfolio starts with engineering service for Design (CAD) the product with new concept or reverse engineering it, analysis of the design with help of simulation (CAE) service , prototyping the concept design with 3D printing service, manufacture the product with our CNC programming (CAM) service including Die / Mold / Tool design service if the prototype is working good, even you can start marketing of the product with our product presentation service.

Do you need Design (CAD) or CNC Programming (CAM) software for your own ? No Worry. SOPAN Infotech also provides SolidWorks 3D CAD, ESPRIT CAM System and RADAN CAD CAM with corporate training. 

  • One Stop Solution Provider with 500+ happy customer base in the filed of CAD/CAM/CAE
  • Working from last 10 years in the area of Constant Innovation for Design & Manufacturing
  • Vision for Continuous Growth and Expansion Plan with Long Term Commitment
  • Authorized Training Center for SolidWorks CAD and ESPRIT CAM System