ESPRIT CAM system is the best and you will ever need a powerful full-spectrum CAM Software for

  • CNC programming
  • Optimization
  • Process Improvement
  • Cycle Time Reduction
  • Realistic machine simulation and Technical support system.

I’m exploring for an opportunity to support your CNC machines with our product ESPRIT CAD/CAM software, flagship product of DP Technology Corp USA. ESPRIT is versatile CAM software that supports full spectrum of CNC machines & CNC controller. ESPRIT is a complete machine tool solution includes the ability to import virtually any CAD file and provide realistic simulation and factory certified post processors for almost every machine tool. ESPRIT’s strengths are in complex 5-axis programming with ability to perform multi-tasking programming up to 22-Axis. ESPRIT delivers powerful, high-performance, full-spectrum CNC programming for-

  • 2- 5 axis Milling
  • 2-22 axis Turning
  • 2-5 axis Wire EDM
  • High Speed Machining (3-5 axis)
  • Swiss-Turn and Mill-Turn
  • Turn-mill with B-axis milling head

Course Content

  • Duration
  • Course Includes

Daily 2 hrs/ 2 Month

  • Introduction to ESPRIT CAM System
  • Using ESPRIT Interfaces
  • View, Create Geometry
  • Editing of 2D Geometry
  • Machine Setup, Stock
  • Create Features, Edit Features
  • Milling Tool, Simulation
  • Solid Mill Traditional
  • Turning Tool, Simulation
  • Solid Turn Traditional
  • Generating NC Code

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