Engineering Analysis & Simulation Service

Affordable and professional engineering analysis & simulation services from concept to product launch!


We provide affordable, reliable and professional engineering analysis and simulation services to worldwide customers. We help solve all types of product design, drafting, analysis, manufacturing, engineering simulation, and structure optimization problems.


Area of Expertise

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

  • Full range of engineering simulation and FEA stress analysis
  • Product design and structure performance optimization
  • Thermal analysis, nonlinear contact, fatigue analysis, dynamic analysis, etc.
  • Plastic, composite, rubber, metal parts and assemblies

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Services

  • All types of engineering simulation CFD consulting services
  • Steady and Transient flows, Incompressible/Compressible flows, etc.
  • Non-linear structural materials, Fluid-structure interaction
  • Heat Transfers (Convection, Conduction and Radiation)

Mold Flow Analysis Services

  • Validation of Part Design and Recommendations for Improvement
  • Optimization of Feed System - Balancing of Flow
  • Optimization of Molding Processing, Evaluation of Alternate Polymers
  • Blow Molding, Gas Injection Molding, etc.

Engineering Test Services

  • Material Property Test and Characterization
  • Prototype Performance Test and Verification
  • Static & Dynamic Load, Thermal and Structure Properties Test

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