High-Speed Turning

ProfitTurning ® delivers 25% reduction in cycle time and 300% increase in tool life


High-speed rough turning with Profit Turning, an innovative lathe roughing strategy that helps eliminate the adverse effects of traditional roughing and grooving cycles. Profit Turning enables manufacturers to make more efficient cuts with consistent chip loads and cutting forces, thereby reducing tool wear, decreasing cycle times, and reducing cost per part up to 60%. This is achieved using an enhanced toolpath algorithm based on an engagement control strategy, which allows for consistent chip load and cutting forces universally and achieves the highest level of productivity.

  • 300% increase in tool life
  • 25% cycle-time reduction

Traditional Turning Method

Cycle times are longer as machines must run at conservative cutting speeds to account for chip load and acceleration inconsistencies.

  1. High radial engagement entry
  2. Sharp direction change

Advantages of Profit Turning

A high-speed turning cycle allows increased cutting speeds, resulting in shorter cycle time and

longer tool life.

  • Regular Profit Turning pass
  • Trochoidal area
  • Roll-in
  • Smooth transitions
  • Trochoidal pass is always connected smoothly
  • Corner picking
  • Alternate cut direction with smooth transitions

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