RADAN e2i - Estimate to Invoice

Everything you need to manage a sheet metal production environment

e2i is process management for sheet metal environments. Incorporating all of the power of eQuote and adding order management, shop floor routings, stock control, purchasing and everything else you will need right up to producing the invoice and transferring it to your accounts system.

Features at a glance

  • Unique links to RADAN CAD/CAM
  • Advanced functionality for nesting operations
  • User level security
  • Simplified stores module
  • Capacity planning
  • Flexible stock control
  • Accounting links
  • Assembly and BOM management
  • All records easily retrievable

Multipurpose management

Built on a robust industry standard Microsoft SQL database e2i encompasses the processes faced by all manufacturing companies, enabling the tracking and management of cost throughout the design and manufacture process with the added benefit of being integrated into RADAN CAD/CAM. Developed to meet the needs of sheet metal subcontractors but equally at home in any production environment.

Standard components

A typical e2i system comprizes of a standard server core, the only option for this is stock control. Standard components within the core in addition to those provided by eQuote are Sales Orders, Route Cards, Nest Routes, Purchasing, Capacity Planning, Deliveries and Invoicing, where a system has stock control enabled. All e2i clients have access to all core components at all times. Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC) can be used to close the loop back to the original time estimates allowing comparisons of actual times to estimated and to track components through the production process.

Keeping things simple

When paired with a supported accounts system data is easily transferred avoiding manual errors.

Download RADAN e2i - Estimate to Invoice Brochure